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Alan Reid

Our goal at Abowire is to get you selling your live as fast as possible and make developer's life easier.

Over the last few years, we have learnt a lot about our customers and their unique needs and challenges.

Our REST API has been our public API from day one and has grown a lot in capabilities over time. It has catered the needs of every single of our customers so far.

That being said, we believe we needed to take all the lessons learned and offer an even better way to work with our platform. A way that is flexible and gets you faster results.

We're really excited to introduce our new GraphQL API, which will replace our current REST API.

What is GraphQL?โ€‹

GraphQL is a technology originally developed by Facebook. It's effectively a query language for APIs. You describe what you need and we return you just that.


Our previous API returned offered lots of endpoints, which returned a lot of data. Data that you may or may not need. Furthermore, you may have had to hit multiple endpoints to do what you wanted.

Now you can ask our API only for the data that you need and even ask for multiple resources in one request. This makes it easier to build reliable applications, as it gives you a predictable schema to work with.

Mutliple Queries

What if I'm already using the REST API?โ€‹

We will continue to support all customers that use the REST API, but encourage everybody starting new projects to use GraphQL instead.

How can I learn more?โ€‹

Take a peak at our new Abowire GraphQL API and let us know what you think!

If you're new to GraphQL, you can click here to learn more about GraphQL