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Abowire can send Webhook events to your application on specific actions.

You must specify the event you would like to be notified on and a public URL that Abowire can reach. You can add custom query parameters to the request as well, such as a secret token to validate the request, etc.

The webhook object

The webhook object represents a Webhook definition in Abowire.

"id": string,
"eventArn": string,
"url": string,
"status": "enabled" | "disabled"

The webhook event

"id": string, // Webhook UUID
"eventArn": string, // Event ARN
"component": string, // Abowire module responsible for the event
"action": string, // Action that was triggered
"userId": string, // User ID who caused the event to trigger
"timestamp": Date, // Timestamp of the event
"origin": string, // Origin of the event
"destination": string, // Destination URL of the event
"payload": any // Object that was affected

Error Handling

The destination server must respond with HTTP status code 200 or to be considered a valid request.

Abowire will try to deliver the Webhook event 3 times, with a 5, 10 and 15 second delay between retries (respectively).

Subscription Management events

invoice:createAn Invoice was created
payment:createA Payment was created (could still be pending capture)
payment:acceptedA Payment was captured
payment:declinedA Payment was declined
product:createA Product was created
product:updateA Payment was updated (eg. plan was updated)
subscriber:createA Subscriber was created
subscriber:updateA Subscriber was updated (eg. updated billing information)
subscription:createA Subscription was created
subscription:updateA Subscription was updated (eg. changed the pricing)

Account Management events

account:updateYour Account information was updated (eg. updated billing information)
account-subaccount:createA Subaccount was created (eg. Organization)
account-subaccount:updateA Subaccount was updated (eg. updated billing information of an Organization)
api-key:createAn API Key was created
api-key:revokeAn API Key was revoked

License Management events

subscription:disableA Subscription License was disabled
subscription:enableA Subscription License was enabled
subscription:bulk-enableA list of Subscription Licenses was enabled
subscription:bulk-disableA list of Subscription Licenses was disabled