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New Abowire V2 Platform 🚀

We have learned a lot from our customers and we have used this knowledge to build a better platform. The V2 platform is a complete rewrite of our V1 platform. We have improved the architecture, the performance, the security and the developer experience.

What changed?

We focused on making integrations easier and more straightforward. We have built a new GraphQL API that is more flexible and powerful than our old REST API. We have also built a new JS SDK that makes it easier to integrate your website with Abowire.

On top of that, we have built a new Management UI that is more flexible and powerful than ever!

There are a ton of new features in V2, here are some of the highlights:

  • New Management UI
  • New GraphQL API
  • New JS SDK
  • New Web Components (Subscribe Button & Checkout)
  • Custom fields
  • Single Sign-On across multiple accounts
  • Sign in with Google or Microsoft
  • A more powerful analytics engine
  • A more flexible billing engine with multiple metered variables per plan (eg. seats, storage, API calls, etc)
  • Multiple currencies

Among many, many more!

If you want to learn more, just reach out to us and we'll demo you the new platform.