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Authentication 🔐

Abowire uses OAuth2 and OpenID Connect (OIDC) to authenticate third applications. OAuth2 is a secure and standard way to grant third party applications access to Abowire resources.

To access any of our API's resources you'll need an Access Token. You can request one using one of the authentication flows below. Access Tokens are scoped to the resources your credentials are authorized to access.

Generate your credentials

To get started you will need to create an App. You can create one in Settings > Developers > Manage your apps > Create app.

The OAuth flow

Our JS SDK handles the OAuth2 flow for you. If you are using a different language or framework, you will need to implement the OAuth2 flow yourself. In this case, we highly recommend using a library to handle the OAuth2 authentication process. For a list of client libraries go here.


OAuth2 Authorization
OAuth2 Token

Backend applications

For a backend-to-backend communication use the Client Credentials Flow. This flow is simpler and requires your Client ID and Secret Key.

  • Use your credentials to request a Request Token
  • Exchange the Request Token for an Access Token

Frontend applications

For frontend flows use the OAuth Authorization Code flow, which only requires your Client ID. Never expose your Secret Key. Use the following flow instead and ask an Abowire user to grant access to the required resources.

The flow works as follows:

  • Start the flow by creating an Authorization URL with your Client ID and a callback URL
  • Redirect the user to this Authorization URL. The user will have to login and grant your application access Abowire.
  • After a successful grant, the user will be redirected to the callback URL you specified with an Authentication Code.
  • Exchange the Authentication Code for a Request Token
  • Exchange the Request token for an Access Token