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Abowire Apps 👩‍💻

Abowire Apps represent a third party integration and are the main way to integrate with Abowire. They are the main entry point to access all the resources in Abowire.

An App can have multiple API Keys, each with the level of access that you require. They can also listen to specific Webhooks that you define, so your systems are always up to speed.

Furthermore, an App can be installed in multiple Accounts. This means that you can use the same integration in multiple environments, such as Sandbox and Production. You can choose which Accounts can install your App.

Create your API Keys

To access any resource in Abowire you will need to create an Access Token. You can create an Access Token by authenticating using OAuth2 with one of the available grant flows.

In order to authenticate your application, you will need to generate an Client ID.

You can create one go to Settings > Developers > Manage your apps > Create app.