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Making queries 🔎

The easiest way to get started is to use the shorthand methods we created for you. For example:

import { Abowire } from "abowire";

const abowire = new Abowire({...});

await abowire.login();

const customer = await abowire.customer.get("customer_1");

You can see a full list of all built-in methods in the Built-in API reference.

Of course, the power of GraphQL is that you can define your own queries and mutations. You can do that by using the query and mutate methods:

// Define your own GraphQL queries
const CREATE_CUSTOMER = abowire.gql`
mutation CreateCustomerMutation($input: CreateCustomerInput!) {
createCustomer(input: $input) {

const CUSTOMER_LIST = abowire.gql`
query CustomerListQuery {
customers {
items {

const customer = await abowire.GraphQL.mutate(CREATE_CUSTOMER, {
name: "John Doe",

const customers = await abowire.GraphQL.query(CUSTOMER_LIST);

We also provide a set of built-in queries and mutations that you can use out of the box:

const customer = await abowire.GraphQL.query(abowire.queries.GET_CUSTOMER, {
id: "customer_1",

You can see a full list of all built-in queries and mutations in the SDK Query reference.