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Authentication 🔐

There are multiple ways of authenticating your requests to Abowire.

  • Backend apps: You can provide your client credentials or specify your access token.
  • Frontend apps: You can generate a Customer Session scoped to a particular customer or even "Login with Abowire".

If you're connecting a backend application and have Client ID and Secret, you can provide them to the SDK and it will authenticate your calls with them. The SDK authenticates you using the OAuth2 Client Credentials Grant.


You can create your credentials by logging into Abowire and going to Settings > Developers > Manage your apps > Create app.

Go here see read more about our authentication flows.

import { Abowire } from "abowire";

const abowire = Abowire({
clientId: "<your-client-id>",
secret: "<your-secret>",
accountId: "<your-account-id>",
scopes: ["customer_read"],

Since Apps can be installed in multiple accounts, you will need to specify the account you want to connect to. This can also be done in a separate step:

abowire.configure("accountId", "<your-account-id>");

Ready for take off 🚀

You're now ready to make authenticated calls 😎